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Avalon MoonStar

New Member
I just took over a couple of Fellowships from the fellow that created them as he no longer has time, and I have a few questions.

1 - Is there a list or reference somewhere of the scopes/job descriptions of the different player levels (human & elf)?

2 - Can anyone in the Fellowship invite new members? Do I have to approve them?

This is just the beginning of the questions unless I can find a reliable resource so I hope I don't become a pest.

Thanks, AMS


Active Member
In the Wikki
Fellowship Titles & Rights

There are four available positions within a Fellowship, each of which have their set of rights and possibilities:

  • Archmage - The Archmage is the leader of a Fellowship and as such he has all the rights of the other members. Being a leader, he can’t leave the fellowship without first promoting another member to Archmage. By doing so, he automatically becomes a Mage and can then leave. On the other hand he is the only member with rights to disband the Fellowship.
  • Mages - A Mage has most of the rights in a Fellowship. On top of regular rights, he can edit the fellowship profile and change all its options and he can change members titles or even expel them.
  • Ambassador - Ambassadors are regular Fellows that have the right to invite other players. They can also approve or reject members applications and delete previous invitations.
  • Fellow - Every Fellowship member can use the Fellowship Chat, trade with other Fellows without a fee, give and receive Neighborly Help and send circular messages to all Fellows.

    My fellowship recently had a change of leadership. One of the mages started taking on the duties of an archmage and then we petitioned the game mods to have him made the archmage of the fellowship. If the current archmage is still around they can appoint a new Archmage before choosing to leave the fellowship or take a less active role as a lower ranking member.


Click on your FS banner then open your members tab you will see a blue square with an i in it click the blue i
You can view the FS rights without leaving your city