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New neighborly help system


Thinker of Ideas
I didnt see a discussion thread on this. Sorry if i missed it. I did want to say thank you tho for beginning to introduce the mobiles version of neighborly help to the browser. It has made FS visits a lot faster and more simple. As well as any neighbor that shows up in notifications. I look forward to seeing this expanded to all the players as well as being able to use this format for our world map neighbors.

I only have one suggestion for change; and a minor one at that. The help window shows the 3 options for help. Main Hall, builders, culture, evenly spaced across the screen. When the builders hut option is not present, it becomes just the two options re centered on the screen. And its this part that my request applies to. When it is just the two options on screen, and you click the right most option (usually culture), the little temporary notification that flys upwards and fades away letting us know the gold and supplies gained... that notification goes upwards directly over the buttons used to give a person neighborly help. It obstructs the view of the button. Which often times slows down the process of giving help or leads us to accidentally click on the button for someone we already gave help to; which in turns loads up there city, then we have to go back to ours, then back to the neighborly help window.

So i do request the the notification window for the gold and supplies in that instance jsut be moved slightly to the right so it doesnt cover up the help buttons. (I already did my neighborly help today. Ill see if i remember to grab a pic of it tomorrow and post it for visual clarification)

Thank you for adding this system! I always love UI improvements.


Well-Known Member
I would love a way to restrict what others polish. To turn off specific buildings in my city so only the 3-4 culture buildings I want polished get polished and then the only remaining option is my Main Hall. At least with having to actually enter the city there is a chance players will read the city name and only polish what's requested - with the faster I see more players ignoring my main hall and polishing the culture even if it's not what is requested.

I run close to the max culture bonus most of the time and when someone polishes culture other than what I keep enchanted it becomes wasted as it does nothing to boost my culture bonus. While I appreciate that people are visiting and polishing, I still which I had a way to turn specific buildings off.


Thinker of Ideas
To illustrate my first post.


When there are only two choices, usually mh and culture...


And you click the right most one, usually culture, you get the gold and supply notification window that goes upwards. As you can see in the pic, it goes right over the buttons for the rest of the fs; thus covering the image. If your trying to get through this quickly, the covering up often leads to misclicks and takes us into there city when we didnt mean to. Thus killing the momentum and time saving.

So i think it would help many ppl out to simply have that bow moved over slightly so it doesnt cover the buttons up.


Thinker of Ideas
it has not been rolled out for everyone yet. I have one city with it, and one without. And lets just say, i have very quickly grown to love having this feature available on my one city. And i cant wait for it to be on both. Its amazing how seemingly little UI improvements can mean so much. Whether its this, or the UI improvement to the badges for fa's. Little things that go so far into making things better for us. So i do say again, thank you for this update inno!


New Member
Hi All, I like ready about what to polish, it does help. I do have some that come on and request, which it does make it easier for a newbie. But I love to go visit. but still confused when I get a choice of 3, Main Hall, Builder's Hut and polish something. I am not sure on which to do.


And when you polish culture buildings, allways go for the biggest building. Since the polish doubles the culture of that building for a time.period. The bigger the building is the more extra culture it gives on help.


Oh Wise One
@TeePee1 usually people wants builder first then culture and then MH.
That is a generalization, and I don't think it is correct. In my experience, for every person who wants their builder buffed there are at least five people who prefer culture. Builder buffs are wasted on small buildings (new players) and anyone in early to mid chapters who run their upgrades overnight so they are ready in the morning. Builder buffs are often very useful to late chapter players, where they may save several hours instead of a few minutes.


Oh Wise One
@TeePee1 Players often put abbreviations in their city name to indicate a preference. While there is a lot of variety the common ones are M = Main hall, B = Builders and C = Culture. Refer to the forum post about abbreviations for all the other variations.

Preference is listed in order of left to right, if nothing is listed then just pick anything you think is good. Players who don't list a preference generally don't care (assuming they know the practice). My town doesn't have a preference and I find I get a great mix of help, others prefer very specific help. Don't get too stressed by it, it is a game and you are helping regardless of which option you pick.


It is a generalization yes, and i think its correct. thats why its the advice i gave.


Buddy Fan Club member
The bigger the building is the more extra culture it gives on help.
My largest culture bldgs are NOT the best culture I have. Luckily, the mobile app will always pick the highest available culture bldg when doing visits (and they're working on getting that feature to the browser, yay!). My largest culture bldgs are culture/pop hybrids, culture/mana hybrids, and culture/seed hybrids. None of those are my best culture bldgs for polishing.


Me too Jacklan! It's Awesome! It went so fast I was amazed and very very happy! :D YaY!!