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Hello New to Forum but not game


New Member
Hi there everyone!
I'm a newbie when it comes to the forum but I've been playing for a couple years. I just recently was asked to created a sister Fellowship for my main one The Corner Cafe in Elcy world, we named it The Half Caf Cafe cus it is going to be more relaxed we only go half throttle! Lol. If anyone is looking for a mellow time to grow your city, but also is up for a more challenging game as we grow and aim for Gold in the Spire and 10 chests in the tournament, look us up! We may be starting out slow, but we also want to step it up later. The main thing is having a great time. Thanks for reading, and I'll be trying to get on the Forum more often. Cheers guys!


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, and Buddy Fan Club Member
Hi, Chryzlia! Welcome and I hope you enjoy it here. This is a great place to learn anything you want about Elvenar ... I've been here three and a half years and I'm still learning. It's better than the Wiki. :)


Chef - loquacious one
Welcome, good to have you. Hope you find your experience here rewarding, informative and even, sometimes, humorous! (And please, stop laughing at me! LOL!)



Active Member
Well Received Chryzlia! Another Elcy quarter heard from...and most welcomed, Hope your FS prospers and you find wonderful growth with all the info available from your new friends in the forum !!