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Hello New to forum


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Welcome to the forums!
Recruiting is hard. First, scroll down to 'Game Worlds' on the main forum page and find the world you're playing in. Each one has a 'Fellowships looking for members' section. Go there and start a thread for your FS by clicking the green circle/plus sign in the bottom right of your page. You can also make use of the stats gathered at www.elvenstats.com to see your FS and get a feel for the type of player that would be the best fit (boosted goods, tournament activity, etc). You should mention any requirements you have in your post in the Game Worlds section, too. You can also look players up there and see their boosted goods, tournament activity, etc. if you want to know that about anyone you're considering for membership. Hopefully someone else will come along with more ideas, too.
Edit to say, scratch that, scrolled down the rest of the forum page and saw you've already found that section :oops: Hopefully the ElvenStats link will be helpful. I'm leaving the rest of the post up in case anyone is searching for the info in the future :D