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News from Beta - May Contain Spoilers!


Active Member
It was someone I personally know as a high level tournament player.
I do not think he posted that on the forums but I might be wrong.

If there is a will there is a way, wondersearching is another option that can award some good rewards for the price of time.
I have been doing this now for well over 2 years,

Pushing is not nessesary, but it's a lot easier and quicker than searching.
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No need to push with these numbers ;) 2 days ago I was a lot higher, (~23K KP)

Currently my main issue is seeds, orks and mana to upgrade my wonders, not KP
OHMYGOD! :eek: is all I have to say... I get so excited when I have 8 x 5kps, and maybe a 20kp, lol


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The announcement specifically says the EN server will have the new format for at least three weeks before it could go to the rest of the Live servers. So that would make Silk be the soonest we might get it.
So the US servers can count on 3 to 4 more weeks minimum of the current format?


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Couldn't do an official quote from the EN forum announcement since I'm not a member, but this is the exact wording of the relevant sentences:

"We are currently aiming to release the new Tournaments to Elvenar International (EN) on the 18th of August. This will allow us to extend the amount of people playing the new Tournaments greatly, as well as provide technical testing on a larger scale. The new Tournaments will not go to further Live worlds than EN for at least another 3 weeks after the start of the first new Tournament on EN."