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Nightshade Risers JOIN!!


Active Member
Nightshade Risers is looking for 23 active ish members to join the fellowship.

We are looking for members that are willing to help one another and are at least active 2-3 times per week. Neighbourly help is also very much appreciated and we do participate in events, Fellowship adventures, quests and other events that involve teamwork.
These are the fellowship requirements: It's, not a rushed place it's just a place where we all learn and grow together.

******************************************Join now*******************************************
Friendly fun helpful no pressure club
We help one another and play as a big family. :)
Must have a trader
Just send us an application and you could win a hot place in this growing fellowship. If you have any questions or are interested just send me (Aussie sam) or Bluebird81 a message and we could have you zooming to the top in no time.
Daily neighbourly help 2-3 times weekly. If you are going to be away for longer than a month, please let me (Aussie sam), know In the game, or let the Archmage know, (Bluebird81), though she is not online a lot.
Happy gaming
Aussie sam and Bluebird81 :)
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