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NKA Arendyll - Recruiting!


New Member
NKA Arendyll is a new fellowship, born out of my dissatisfaction with most I've tried out. It is a place to chill and grow - to start. I've updated this to change what was originally posted.
The name NKA means: No Kids Allowed

Minimum score to join MUST be at least 10K, unless discussed prior.
Bring only ONE account into the Fellowship.
1) Play, check in DAILY. Yes, DAILY. Now, see #7.
2) Have a GOOD, sense of humor, a la Monty Python and Mel Brooks. Be in possession of more than a modicum of common sense. Fun chat is cool. Tedious chat about your lousy kids isn't.
3) FAIR TRADING- Cross-tier trading is ONLY acceptable if you are below 35K. At some point, none will be allowed. When posting trades, simply state so in chat so one of us can grab them ASAP!
4) BOOSTED GOODS: have manus ONLY for the one set of goods from each Tier. Trade for the rest. Your boosts can be found in your Main Hall, under relics.
5) TOURNEYS, etc: NOT optional, minimals eventually set. If you're at 40K, you can hit 750 points or better each time, WITH trades.
6) SPIRE: EVERYONE is required to reach the High Halls (Alien #1 Boss) tier.
7) NEIGHBORLY HELP visits are REQUIRED. That means EVERY...SINGLE...DAY, as we ARE daily players. Why? Because when two parties adhere to this, not only do you get coin, but also receive extra in goods because we have "Golden Hands"! If you first hit the NH from the Notifications tab - no city entry is necessary. CHECK CITY NAME for a player's requests, in the order they list them and send to all IN the FS. Of course, life DOES happen, just let me know when you can't! Anyone else not there can be pulled from the Member tab.
8) Fellowship Adventures (FA): Make room for as many Level 1 tier 1 manus and WS as you can before it begins. Start your 2 day builds exactly 2 days from FA start time. With enough people, we can do pretty well, get some EVOS from Events we could not reach (e.g., levels 9, 10 in the Winter Owl Event). The FAs are tedious events but we CAN get some needed trinkets there.
Also doing this in Sinya Arda as well!

Yeah, there may be some requirements but it's all common sense! Join!


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