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No notification for new player in FS


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, Buddy's #1 Fan
Didn’t try to replicate this because it’s too close to new Spire time to be messing around. A new player just joined the FS but there was no announcements in notification that he arrived. We were all waiting around for notification to alert us of his arrival. After awhile, I checked the pending applications and his wasn’t there anymore. Then I checked the member roster and saw he was already here! My notifications then continued on with new neighborly visits as if it never happened. New player didn’t see a new player joining FS notification and neither did anyone else in the FS.


Oh Wise One
I have in the past had this happen. Thought it was a random thing. In the grand scheme at the time, it was very minor. I will pay more attention.


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, Buddy's #1 Fan
FYI, thanks to our new 5-day notification log, his arrival notification did show up the next day or however many days later if that's of any use. Also, it happened 2x. I saw in chat they were welcoming someone back and thought he just came back from brief hiatus and changed his avatar, but it turned out to be a different guy who was an old member that returned to the fellowship after some time away. Both players had "Mr." and "Man" in their username and we know I sometimes have reading comprehension issues, so I thought they were talking to the other guy instead of we had another new guy join. I would have known he's the "new" guy if I saw a "new member joined" notification!