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Non-quadrilateral building shapes


I'm not sure if this has been posted before...so forgive me if I am posting a duplicate idea.

I would like to see a few buildings with different shapes, such as a + or L or T shape. This would add to the puzzle aspect of gameplay and would look pretty cool in my opinion.



I'd really like this, pretty sure I haven't seen the idea posted before either:)

The idea is interesting, but are you sure we want to see what Inno would do with something like this? Their lines of thinking can often be questionable. I mean, we asked for a way to skip quests during events and they gave us more quest cycling. ;)


Mathematician par Excellence
@SoggyShorts You're the layout-plan man, how would you make something like that work?
Endless possibilities-- and the more funky buildings you have the more options you have:
t shape.png

The key would be to still NOT allow building rotation in order to maintain the challenge.


@SoggyShorts Yeah, I knew you could do it. :D

With so many players having issues balancing city layout with efficiency, this idea might bring some relief.


Oh Wise One
This is a nice idea. Somewhat connected, I'd also like to see paired buildings that must be placed touching each other (for instance, if your Builders hut had to be touching the Main Hall)

And I'll bring up, again (for those who would like to have matching buildings for aesthetic reasons), buildings that are flipped, but maintain the same orientation for making entrances and lining roads would be nice.


That would certainly make the game more complex... I like it! Only issue would be how complicated the requirements are. Instead of 4 X 4, it would have to read 5 X 2 X 2 X 3 or something.