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Noobie looking for a mentoring FS


New Member
I began playing a couple of weeks ago and need both the guidance of more experienced players and some chat activity. My currently produced boosted good is steel. If I am interpreting things correctly, I will have boosts in scrolls and magic dust once I progress. I've not spent much on the game thus far, but I'm not averse to doing so when the time comes.

Daiman Rahl

Active Member
Welcome to the game. Sorry not on your world but I can give you a bunch of advice.
First check out Elvengems.com this site is for the game and has tons of info and tips.
Once you hear from some fellowships. Check them out at Elvenstats.com Enter the Fellowship name and you'll see the current players. If they are active they will not have little triangles beside there names; these are bad and are inactive players.
Good luck and enjoy the game.