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noobs who like prizes

hvariidh gwendrot

Well-Known Member
relaxed play growing to 10 chest weekly .. enjoy/learn/grow .. the far out and the squares play here .. we ask that cities build the boosted goods only .. we grow .. we help in tournaments as befits size and time .. we say when on break .. we trade proper .. visits are good .. we communicate to avoid problems .. pretty simple stuff .. we play semi-well with others and have fun so it's all groovy .... archmage has been doing 10 chest weekly on ceravyn for over a year (membership full) and has a fellowship on winyandor doing 8 chest solid..9 and 10 are right there easy peasy (membership full) but here we have the same 3 that started winyandor and know it's just a matter of time, so for helping us speed up to 10 chests weekly, we offer new players ... a full set of how to avoid pitfalls in the game, extra special trades to get you going faster, and the fastest easiest way to get the prizes>>rewards (*.*)goodies .. all are welcome if they want to go for the goods with a crew doing the same at a realistic pace .. :cool:
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