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Nothing Important lol


Bored and I ain’t got no goods no goods…bsing will now begin…so this is the say anything forum…my anything is jams jams…what kind you may say…mood setters yup yup a little sarcasm in my choices…what me…nooooo lol prolly though…check em out or suggest some to me…either way this killed about 20 minutes for me so I am thanksgiving-turkey-belly satisfied lol

Jessica Simpson I Wanna Love you Forever when building cultural buildings

Brooks&Dunn Hard Working Man when building workshops

Motley Crue Home Sweet Home when building residences

WWE Undertaker song You’re Gonna Pay when building barracks

Grand Funk Railroad Some Kind of Wonderful when building main hall

Sawyer Fredericks Constant Sorrow when building factories

Imagine Dragons Radioactive when researching technology

Disturbed Down with the Sickness when fighting in provinces

Ludacris&Nicki Minaj My Chick Bad when training men

Jessie J. ft. B.o.B. Price Tag when giving neighborly help

Survivor Eye of the Tiger when placing expansions

BB King The Thrill is Gone OR Freebird Lynyrd Skynyrd for upgrading buildings that take a trillion scillion hours
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I'll have to play around with this a bit, looks fun. I may come up with some ideas to add. :) Welcome by the way!


I can think of a few for myself, Alice's Restaurant comes to mind for those long builds.