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Now required to buy diamonds in order to advance?


I'm a little frustrated and disappointed right now. Did the game just change so that we are now required to purchase diamonds in order to advance?
For example, in order to activate the Dwarven Style Barracks, you need 20,000 granite (in addition to some other stuff). However, level 1 of the Dwarven Portal, only has a capacity of 11,000 granite - and the only way to upgrade the portal is with diamonds.
Why does this upgrade require diamonds?
Am I missing something? Is there around this?

What have you guys found?


You need 8,100 granite plus some coins and tools and a builder to upgrade it for free. Look at the line above the button that says "Diamonds xxx Upgrade". Do not click the button or it will use diamonds if you have them.


You'll need a level 4 Portal in order to complete the final technology in the Dwarven chapter, and because leveling your Portal boosts your production of Granite and Copper, as well as increasing the storage capacity, leveling your Chapter VI Portal should be your HIGHEST priority.

You DO NOT need to spend any Diamonds to level your portal, but you'll need quite a few Granite Mines, at least a dozen of them, and a couple of Copper Foundries, if you want to keep up with your accumulated Knowledge Points.

The Fairies (chapter VII) are actually easier to deal with, but the Orcs (chapter VIII) make the Dwarves look easy.