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Odd Icon

Gath Of Baal

Well-Known Member

Any clue what this icon is? I had it appear in the lower right hand side of my setting near the settings menu, and clicking the icon just makes it disappear.
It showed up on my browser screen when I was in the middle of doing visits and one of my buildings finished upgrading the moment I was in someone else's town, which led me to believe it was letting me know I had an update in my city..

It has also popped up for me when I am on the world map and someone visits my city, which again led me to believe that it was letting me know I had an update in my city..

But these could have just been a coincidence..


Well-Known Member
And even when you do have a good connection. It is really annoying to have fast internet, everything else, including my phone, getting plenty from my wifi and yet this pops up.
It can also be lag between your switch and Inno. If a couple of people in your neighbourhood are busy netflixing, it might be the culprit. If you have access to a VPN that lets you pick an endpoint in a major city, there''s a chance it will help. Some of the larger VPN providers pay for premium access, which means their traffic will get prioritized over the neighbour. My provider during the day throttles certain services, but if I VPN to Toronto, my VPN gets sent on a dedicated channel and I get higher speed than almost anything else I do.