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One phoenix artifact...10k spell fragments and 3 blue prints...a good deal?


Thinker of Ideas
if i had the extra blue prints, then yea, it would be great.

Chances are if your have enough blueprints to upgrade any/everything magical in your city and then have extra to convert to artifacts... then im guessing there probably already in a consistent 10 chest tourney fs. And if they are.. they might have the blueprints to spare. So it would become a matter of jsut spell frags and catalysts. And theres plenty of ways to gain them.


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, Buddy's #1 Fan
According to the current schedule, how long will artifacts be available in the MA? I do have an extra artifact from the current event. Having maxed the ashen phoenix, now I'm kind of wishing I had saved those artifacts to craft some in the MA.
You will get two opportunities to get more artifacts in the fellowship adventure coming up if your Fellowship is able to complete Map 2 & 3. However, the window will be tight converting it. You will need to keep that relic slot open in MA for max opportunities. Even so, I was not able to convert Moon Bears won from FA in time. I even spent 300 diamonds flipping the MA.

(Also, I found you on my map! We are neighbors-ish. I am southwest of you, but there’s nothing here but active scroll players :scroll::scroll::scroll::scroll::scroll: :rolleyes:. Man, they got you on the edge of the world! Tell us if the world is round or flat!)


Well-Known Member
I don't think I understand how the "relic slot" works. I was crafting relics today and when it rolled over one of my options was a phoenix artifact. I thought based on what people had said that you shouldn't get an artifact and a relics crafting opportunity at the same time and that if you were crafting or had finished but not collected one recipe of that type you wouldn't be offered another.


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, Buddy's #1 Fan
I see Mermaid, AWP, portal profit, timer and Phoenix convert in my MA right now so that is the relic slot. Maybe the Phoenix converter and the one that require blueprints are in different slots? Was yours the blueprint Phoenix or the convert Phoenix?


Well-Known Member
I was able to get 2 extra artifacts from the event, and I will definitely craft a fire phoenix artifact with these at the next opportunity. I also plan to use the 3 blue prints I have to craft another artifact when that recipe is in the MA.

That'll get my fire phoenix to Stage 5.

Alpha Lyrae

Well-Known Member
Absolutely, since they share a slot with relics. If you let completed relics sit there you have exactly 0% chance of seeing pet food come up.

Is there a description of what's possibly available in each slot? I checked the release notes and the corresponding discussion thread, but didn't see anything in great detail. If I remember correctly, the slots are dedicated to certain items. (Let me know if this is wrong!) As such, you'll never see, say, two pet food because it'll only show up in 1 available slot. We've heard that relics/pet food share a slot. Buildings get a slot. What else? I can confirm the following from my cities:
  1. Time instants
  2. Portal profits, supply windfalls
  3. Relics (assumed: pet food)
  4. AW KP
  5. Buildings (unicorn, winter shrine)
Where can we place, RRs, broken shards, KP, supply instants?


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, Buddy's #1 Fan
I see Mermaid, AWP, portal profit, timer and Phoenix convert in my MA right now so that is the relic slot.

I see timer, 3 blueprints Phoenix, coin rain, AWP, and ELR right now. Comparing notes to my previous post, it looks like both the Phoenix converter (requires 2 ashen artifacts) and the Phoenix you craft from scratch with blueprints both come up in the relic slot.


New Member
In my MA, I can craft a phoenix artifact for 10k spell fragments plus 3 blue prints. Is this a good deal? It seems very expensive to me. I would guess 3k fragments and 1 blue print would be a reasonable price.

What do you all think? Do all players, regardless of level, pay the same? This would be a huge expense for me, unaffordable really, as much as I would like to evolve my fire phoenix, currently at Stage 3.
I have a 1st level fire phoenix and a 1st level storm phoenix in my inventory I haven't placed. I consider them a long term investment and will be saving phoenix artifacts as I can craft them - my goal is not to not place them until I can level them up to at least 5. Will take a while but will be very cool - this game has short and long term goals which is something I like.