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Help Opinions, don't be shy


Well-Known Member
Magic Building Sale!!! -10% OFF!!!

I've been debating if I should place 3 x MR', or wait for -10% Expansion Sale and get 1 Prem. Expansion.
Doing the math, I can get rid of 6 Res', if I place 3 MR'. Which will give me 12 more squares, then 1 Prem. Exp (25 squares)

More info to make decision easier;
I'm in a 10 Chest FS, so upgrading Magic Buildings wont be a problem
Just picked up another 12 Wishing Wells from 2018 Winter Event, that's ~6k:diamond: + I have 7 currently, for another ~4k:diamond: (2+ months left)

I'm guessing, it's wiser to purchase the magic buildings early on, instead of Prem. Expansions, cause the prices on the buildings go up with Chapter and the Prem. Exp. do not o_O

Come give me your opinions! Before the timer runs out 46h42 minutes left :p

-Thanks, James :)