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    Your Elvenar Team

Orion's Sky Dragons are looking for ACTIVE players.


We are an FS that began as a small group of the best players from a couple of other FS's we are in on different servers. We have stuck together and play on 4 servers together. OSD is our newest endeavor and we are looking for active, tourney, and spire-minded players of any size. Most of our members had to start from scratch there. I on the other hand have been on Khel for 5 yrs. Even with as little as we still are we are getting 8 chests in most tourneys; if we can find 3 more good and active players we will be at the 10th chest in no time! We have the simple basic rules which you can see on our Overview. Everyone is very nice and no drama, just helping each other succeed and achieve goals. We have no problem doing lopsided trades for beginners or emergencies, we have an AW KP trade thread, and working on some other incentives for different types of participation. We would love to have you join our Elvenar family! If you are interested please contact Skywen, McDougal or any Ambassador for more details or invite.
Happy Gaming!