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Overscouting - Encounter Difficulty


What I have observed:

Initial ring - Very Easy
next ring - Easy
Next ring - Medium
Next ring - Hard
Next RIng - Very Hard

As I fully explore provinces, the difficulty doesn't seem to change much. I have one village where I am out to the 5th ring and they are all locked (4th ring very hard and not done yet) and marked Very Hard.

Someone said that doing the squad size research lowers the scouting cost. Does it also lower the difficulty/number of enemy troops?

Is there something I can do to reduce the difficulty of the encounters per se? I am just now researching Training Grounds and Squad size 4.

I've been Negotiating my way through the encounters for the most part, thanks to helpful traders.

Enevhar Aldarion

Well-Known Member
Squad research increases the size of your squads, while the enemy squads stay the same size, so if you can make enough troops, the fights are easier. And in unscouted provinces only will you maybe see the difficulty go down. Once a province is scouted the difficulty is locked in.

Also, if you are in about chapter 3 through chapter 5, there seems to be a big difficulty spike that nothing will make better, so a lot of players are stuck catering until they get past that point.


Well-Known Member
@Gustoff The difficulty of encounters is set by how much it costs to scout that province. This means that as soon as you scout a province, the size of the enemy forces and the catering costs of that province are set and they will not change. The 2 main factors that increase scouting cost are: 1. Distance from your city (further costs more) and 2. How many provinces you have already scouted (cost goes up a little each time). On the other hand, the first technology of the first 12 chapters in the game will be Advanced Scouts. Every time you research Advanced Scouts your scouting costs will go down by 25%. Therefore if you are close to the end of a chapter and you already have enough provinces scouted to advance to the next chapter, sometimes it is best to stop scouting until you advance and get the Advanced Scouts tech from the next chapter. This will lower future scouting costs and make newly scouted territories easier.

As far as the difficulty levels of Very Hard, Hard, Medium, Easy, Very Easy: these are derived merely by comparing your current squad size to the squad size of the enemy forces in that province. Once a province is scouted, nothing is going to change the enemy squad size. It was set at the moment that province was scouted. However every time you research a Squad Size Increase tech the size of the forces you can send into battle will increase. When you unlock a SSI tech, often a Very Hard province will become Hard or a Hard province will become Medium.


Well-Known Member
Make sure your armories are leveled up as far as you can too, so you can train more troops at a time.



I trained troops and fought a few battles on my first town. I think I found the training timing tedious and so stopped and started Negotiating.
I don't recall if the creation of military units required population and culture ... it did in several other games I played and therefore was in conflict with city expansion (requiring more/upgraded residences here).

If population is *not* affected, then building a large army is purely a function of research and patience.


Well-Known Member
When I started, even if you had all 3 , Barracks, TrainingGrounds, MercenaryCamp...
you could only train 1 of the 3 basically @ any given time. When that was expanded
to 1 of each, basically training was trippled.

Having said that, training is also a function of time. Levels of training facilities, mean
faster training times overall. Which brings us to the 3rd piece, Armories. ( we will add
in xtra ways to get troops in a second ).
Armories do use culture/population/tiles, but even if you have a zillion of them, you
cannot train anymore than X amt of troops in Y hrs.

Having and maintaining a big army means : Troops lost/week < troops trained/week.
1 person might have tons of armories and get output 18hrs a day, but log once a day.
1 person might be online 18 hrs/day , have a few armories, and get same output.