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FAQ Pay Quests

Discussion in 'FAQ' started by Aider, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. Aider

    Co-Community Manager
    Elvenar Team

    Apr 17, 2015

    Pay Quests! Tell us all about them!

    Hi Humans and Elves,

    The Support Team has encountered a lot of questions regarding our new pay quests and wondering how these work, so we wanted to share a little information regarding the quest interface and show you how to get these accomplished as quickly as possible.

    When you encounter a pay quest, your interface will look similar to this quest:


    As you will notice, there should be a '+' icon to the right of the quest requirements in order to add the goods requested. The interface should be similar to the page shown below:


    A. This will show the total amount of good that you are required to pay the quest-giver.
    B. This is the total amount of that particular good that you currently have in inventory.
    C. This box allows you to input a specific amount or simply use the '+' icon to decrease/increase by small increments.

    Once you entered the amount you wish to pay forward, you will be able to click the 'Pay' icon, woohooo!


    Once you pay it forward, you should see the quest requirement updated to include what you paid towards the quest requirement.


    We hope this helps, and should you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact support. Happy gaming!