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PERKS = Spire Bank Question!


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Ok! to all you clever folks out there, and hopefully some of you with experience in this matter:
I know that we can use our spire bank on any of the 'purple awards points' [these probably have a name], if your saved amount can get you there, exactly like Tournament perks. A question that has come up for a fellowship NOT getting gold yet is this:

If we are close to any purple award point, but don't quite get there, do we get those lost points put into our Spire Bank, just like Tourney points?
ex: we got the Awards @ 270, need 380 for the next one, but the FS only gets to 370, shouldn't those 100 points go into our Spire Bank? (yes yes I know, assuming we have a level 2)

I am trying to convince a FS to make a Spire Bank, and they are saying it is pointless unless we get Gold++.
y'argh :rolleyes: *sigh* :confused:

and THANKS! :)


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The argument that it's "pointless unless you get gold++" seems silly. The whole purpose of the Spire Archive is to let a fellowship who can't get gold to be able to reach (closer to) gold. Other fellowships found out later on that if you're normally getting gold, the Spire Archive is a good way to keep the gold coming even in the face of a less-than-stellar week.

The mechanism by which this is possible is exactly as you've stated: Any points above a checkpoint gets added into the Spire Archive, capped by whatever maximum amount of points your current Spire Archive level allows. The points that make it into the Archive stays until someone in the fellowship spends it. That means:

1. You can keep on putting more and more points into the Spire Archive each week until you hit the maximum. For high enough levels of Spire Archive, this means you might be able to reach for gold if you're already almost there. A level 10 SA Perk lets you hold up to 500 points, which at its peak, is a little over 37% of the way there, or the equivalent of just a slight bit less than 8 players* reaching the top.

2. If you decide to RESET all the perk levels, the points already in Spire Archive stays put, even if it can't actually hold that many points anymore. Some fellowships will take advantage of that by loading up Spire Archive one month, collect points, then switch out the next month while riding on the points they banked but can't add to until the bank gets low enough.

Special mention goes to those Gold++ fellowships because their situation is the edge case; not the other way around. That is to say, what happens to the points above the maximum, where there is no "next checkpoint" ? Nothing different, since the calculation is based on the "most recent checkpoint reached" against what the score is.

Personally speaking, my fellowship in Sinya Arda is going hard on Spire Archive (lv 9 so far) because we want to eventually reach gold.

* 500 points = Equivalent of 7 players actually hitting the top, and one more player beating up everything but the final boss and the one flunkie in front of him. I feel sorry for the one guy who couldn't finish Spire at that point. ♫ They tried so hard and got so far ♫ But in the end it doesn't even matter ♫ I had to... *gurk* *music ded*
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Agree with your post completely @Zoof and can illustrate the differences between my two cities and those FS's. That might be helpful for you @LisaMV
City in FS that gets Gold Spire every week; going to the top weekly is a requirement for membership:
That FS elected to take Spire Perk to lvl 2 (100pt storage capacity) as a buffer against vacancies and/or member vacations/illness/etc. It reached max storage quickly and iirc, we've never spent any of those points so far. We've reached gold without them.
City in FS that got Silver Spire every week (never got gold before Perks launched); Spire participation is not mandatory:
This past week we got Spire Perk to lvl 10 (500pt storage capacity). Since we've been working on it all along, we started having monthly Spire Push weeks and made gold for the first time in the Spire that ended 2/25/22. We've subsequently reached gold in the March, April, and May Spire Push weeks. Member growth and higher participation in those push weeks has made it so it's now only taking us ~100pts to reach gold on the push week. So, we'll now be looking for gold on any 'off' weeks where we can both get gold and maintain the Archive pts at the necessary level to insure gold on the formal 'push' week. We definitely used the Archive points to reach the next FS bubble (I think the Wiki names them FS Crystals) every time we could. It provides a few extra rewards for those players who routinely top the Spire regardless of the week. It also gives 4000 XP points to use on whatever perks we want. Right now, we're being conservative and limiting the use of pts to reach a bubble as we anticipate using pts to reach gold in 'off' weeks. Once we're comfortable with how we're using and storing points, we'll either return to going for the next bubble if appropriate or increase the frequency of gold in 'off' weeks.
NOTE: That 2nd city/FS is a casual one with no mandatory minimums for participation in Spire or tourney. It required a concentrated focus from leadership (myself as AM plus 3 Mages) as well as good coordination. It was helpful to take our time in the beginning. We learned the system together and came to an agreement on our plan/strategy before we spent the first XP point to level up the first perk. We were about a week past when we could have spent the points and it was time well taken. We actually spent those first points on the NH perk (lvl 1) and the Tourney perk (lvl 2) to increase the amount of XP/week we were able to produce (through more FS visits w/ gold hands and extra tourney chests). Then, we started on the Spire perk and have been laser focused on that until now.