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Pet Food?


We have players in our group, active good players, threatening to quit over the petfood thing. I hate to lose some of our best people because they're so frustrated by the recent event debacle, draining everyone's cities by pushing too hard for 45 tournaments, 11 relics, and buy 20 KP...and then drastically reducing petfood that would have helped with the 45 tournaments and 11 relics. The game has been less fun, more stress lately. I can't even use the new bear. Spent hours and hours getting it to level 10 and can't use it.


Well-Known Member
Pet food is, and likely will always be, the first thing I jump on in the crafting list -- even though I have 187 of them at the moment. (Followed closely by timer instants).

As an active tourney player, relics aren't an issue -- and pet foods only need 2 catalyst spells and relics, instead of fragments, to produce -- for 7 vapor points.
Pretty solid return on investment.


Well-Known Member
@kctanzen I'm with Atlas, o_O but kudos to you for stockpiling!
I thought I had done well in my Constructs city. Kept about 25 in inventory, make them whenever I see them; use time instants if there's more than one in a batch of recipes... Kept the fire chicken fed for tourneys. Then I got a brown bear...and I spent a couple weeks going in hard on the Spire(some overlap w/ tourney fire feedings, but would sometimes take more than tourney alone)...and I had supply instants and time boosters, so I could mass produce troops. Then they released the Frog Prince the same week as the crystal tourney ::faint:: And I've gone over a week with no pet food recipes (may partly be because my schedule has changed and I haven't decided on when the recipe refresh would be best for me now). So, now I have 70 CC's, over 100K spell fragments, enough relics and 7 pet food there. 7.


Well-Known Member
I started crafting them as soon as they hit the recipe list -- and often rush them to get multiples if I am lucky enough to find them -- it was much easier to find multiples with the more expanded recipes.

I ration them out pretty miserly as well, usually just one a week for tourney on my Fire Phoenix, to blitz through a good chunk of 2 round provinces to hoover up KP, and then back off to my usual amount of provinces as they reset for the rest of the week -- of course, events change that process and I use them more often. I'm still experimenting with the brown bear to determine how to best use it (needs combo of timer / supply instants as well) to really use most efficiently but without event pressure, I doubt I'll need to feed the brown too often :)

It may be dumb luck, or the algorithm changed in the background, but I have seen pet food quite a bit more frequently since about the middle of the autumn event. But the vast majority of my pet foods were before the recipes were cut back.

P.S. --- That frog prince showing up in quantity and frequency is a real kick in the teeth.


New Member
At the beginning of the Crafting there were lots of complaints about pet food showing up too often. Considering I had the fire phoenix in my city I only needed 3 a week for tourney, but know with the bear also needing pet food I will need more often. I haven't seen pet food come in up in several cycles, I have even paid diamonds to move to next set of crafting spells and still no pet food. I am all out and cannot use on my brown bear to get the extra troops. What gives? You give us more awesome buildings but not enough food to use them.