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Pet Food

I've seen this topic come up before, but now it is hitting me personally, so I'm throwing in my two cents.

I took a new position as a manager at work a little more than two months ago which has changed the way I play the game. First, I no longer have a fixed schedule, I work varying shifts. Second, I can no longer afford to connect to the game on my breaks and lunch (I'm lucky if I have time to take breaks and lunch ...).

This has not effected my enjoyment of the game at all, though I no longer have the luxury of lots of 3 hour builds every day. What it has affected is that I no longer have access to enough pet food to feed my evolving buildings whenever I want. Since Pet Food cannot be manufactured the same way that other enchantments are manufactured, the only way that you can get it is by random chance, or prizes in activities.

I just used 9 sips of clarity to reset the MA build list and nothing came up. Isn't it about time that we have a reliable way to manufacture pet food? Or an event building/ancient wonder/evolving building that gives pet food as its bonus resource?

Or (and I'll admit this is a radical idea) - what if we implemented a way to buy and sell items other than goods in the Trader? Maybe someone who does have the luxury of connecting every 3 hours would like to sell what they make for something else.