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    Your Elvenar Team

Players of Arendyll!!!


I am a elf :elf: city and am searching for the right place to build my nest......

I am active 2 - 3 times a week. My score is 2156, I am boosted in marble :marble: and crystal :crystal:, and I am on Chapter ll. Gems :gem: are only a chapter away. I have been playing for about 2 years now and really enjoy it.

About me:
I love the game and play as often as I can. If I were to rate it out of 10 it would definitely be on the high end of 8 - 10. I have a world on Beta and every other world. This one it seems, needs a bit of a family tied FS. I am kind and respect all players. I have made many friends in other worlds and am prepared to share my knowledge with others. Team work and family are the main things that tie my life together. I enjoy participating in Adventures, Quests, Spire and Tourney's and will do my very best to show what I'm worth. I do not live where the majority of players live. In fact for some, i might be living on the other side of the world!! Yup, you guessed it, Australia. Country born, country raised. Love a bit of slang and a bunch and laughter, and you can bet you'll never regret me joining your FS.

Like I said before Tourney, Spire etc, I enjoy. I am looking for an active bunch that can share KP's and trades as well as having a little convo. When it comes to Tournaments, I can do 400 plus on a good day, and around 250 - 300 on a half hearted day, but no matter what I'm feeling i am always willing to give more to get..... acceptance? That'll do!! Spire, I am not there yet but understand how it all works. I am almost to Chapter lll. I am up there for improving others cities as well as my own.

Please consider all that is offered and I would love to join a loving, caring, friendly home to improve the cities of others and my own.

Thanks you for your time and I hope to chat further in the future to whoever claims my will. ;)

Privately or in this thread or in the game: sambria


Active Member
we would love to have play in our FS. mailing you in game. Serenity in chaos is a perfect nesting place for elves.
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Your always Welcome to try mine, everyone is active as Real World activities permit and all are willing to answer questions or help. we hit 4 in the tournament regular and pop the 5th now with the perks that are available. Other the Fair (2 or 3 star) trades and neighborly Help there is no rules. The Fellowship is open to Join without applying, so anyone can join in and see if the Fellowship is for them or not.
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Cymru of Arendyll is looking for some good players. You would be welcome to join our group. We are in the middle of reorganizing our FS after a spell of downslope. Anyway, Cymru is one of the oldest city in the game, I been the AM for close to 7 years. We been down and up, working our way up again. Come check us out or find me, game name is Jenaka.


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Kentucky Fried Phoenix would love to have you! We push Tournament once or twice a month, push Spire once a month and have several kp swap threads in chat. We are an up-and-coming group ranking 238, who would love to have you aboard. Feel free to check us out.
Happy Gaming, L80Lawna Of Kentucky Fried Phoenix
P.S. I should mention that most of us are in the US and Canada so chatting may be less than optimal.

Geo Master

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I will throw my hat in to have you come over. We are an active fun fellowship. We get 10 chests weekly through team efforts. We are balanced in goods so you would fit in perfectly. Please take a chance and join a super fun and helpful group of elves and humans.
Or fellowship is Rehlm of Friends. My name is Geo Master. I look forward to hearing from you.