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Good evening,

Is it possible to have Elvenar clean up all servers that have inactive players of more than a year? There have been several times where all invites I researched were inactive players ranging from 2017-2019. It is getting harder and harder to find active players that are not already in a fellowship.

Thank you for your time,

Alpha Lyrae

Well-Known Member
They do clear out dead cities and move in active ones, but it takes time. I know they just did a round of clearing in Khelonaar, so it does happen. There is a setting in game that you can toggle on to allow yourself to be moved to a more active place on the map.

Crow Last Elf

Well-Known Member
You are referring to the "find members" button in the fellowship menu, I think? I think your suggestion is a good one. I don't know what filters/criteria Inno uses to populate that list, but for fs looking for members, a 3 or 6 month cut off would be helpful.