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Please change all 24h buildings to 23h 55mins


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There are a good number of buildings that have a 12/24-hour production schedule with no early collect - most ships from the last event (air traders voyage), genie, savory food market, etc.

To keep up the collection schedule, one must be extremely prompt in daily collecting. Missing the collection will cause the schedule to be pushed back, which is pretty annoying.

They already made the neighborly visit cooldown to be 23 hours instead of 24.

If they think that changing these buildings to 23 hours would make it too easy, at least they should change to 23 hours and 55 minutes, so for those of us who try to collect on time every day, there is a little bit of leeway.

This is especially important for the Genie (and Carting Library/Trading Station). I have alarms at 12 am and 12pm to collect. Every time I miss it by a few seconds or minutes, the schedule gets inevitably pushed later, and these minutes can add up. The only way for me to reset the schedule is to wait for a whole cycle and collect at the next time.

There's also the problem that currently, even if you collect on time every time, you still won't be able to get 100 collections for Genie. Only 99 is possible. Similarly, for the Trading Station (on a 48-hour schedule), you're only able to get 24 collections, which effectively makes it expire after 48 days. Shortening the production time by 5 minutes would allow us to have a chance at getting the last collection.


Perhaps another possible idea is to simply have a consistent daily reset time. For instance, the daily reset could be at 12:00am (midnight) - or whatever time the building was built - and you can collect any time up until 12:00am the next day; with the daily reset you could collect like five minutes before the reset time and then again right at the reset time (then the next pickup would be the next reset). Alternatively, they could do it the same way other buildings (e.g. residences, Grounds of the Orc Strategist, etc) are setup where you can collect after a certain length of time has passed, but is still producing until it hits a maximum.
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One of the consistent themes you hear in these suggestions is the idea of challenge vs frustration. Challenge is what makes the game fun, frustration, not so much. Frustration is a challenge which cannot be overcome in any reasonable manner by the players. If it can, even if the overcoming is difficult, it is a challenge and probably should be left alone. If it cannot then it is a frustration and, in the name of player retention, should be adjusted.

So the basic question is: is there any way a player can overcome the 24 and 48 hour time restrictions on buildings that do not allow for early collection? The answer is: No. Even if you show up and count down to the very second, chances are you will lose at least 1 second a day so, eventually, will shift the collection time enough to be out of sink with your regular game play. Most successful players have a schedule and arrive in the game a few minutes each day at pretty much the same time. Thus, to have the 24 and 48 hour items slowly or quickly get out of sync without any way to bring them back into sync except to skip the collections for a day, is frustrating.

If the devs wish to end the problem there are at least two things they could do: They could shorten the collection times to 23 and 47 hours (in keeping as noted with the visitation schedule), or they could add an early collection at 23 and 47 hours. Either one is about reducing frustration rather than challenge. And thus either one will lower frustration and raise retention, though it might be difficult to measure how much.



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The lack of early collect could also encourage people to spend more time in-game, either waiting for a collect time or logging in more frequently to pick up things that have gotten off-kilter. Obviously, everyone can't do that and I suspect those are the folks most bothered by it. But Inno might actually like this set-up as an incentive to log in an extra time or two each day.