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Complete Pumpkin Decorating contest, October 2021


Beloved Ex-Team Member

In honor of the upcoming holiday, we are hosting a
Pumpkin Decorating Contest!

Carve or decorate your pumpkin in Elvenarian style, snap a photo, and upload it below
(One photo per post)

What if you don't have a pumpkin?
Get creative and substitute something pumpkinesque. Real pumpkins are not required to enter the contest. But make sure your entry is Elvenar themed!


:diamond::diamond::diamond: 8 entries will be awarded based on votes from a guest panel and each will receive 300 diamonds :diamond::diamond::diamond:
1 Community selected entry will receive 500 Diamonds

Entries must be submitted by Thursday, October 28th, at 8:00 pm Eastern Time
Community voting will run from October 29-November 4th and the winners will be announced on November 6th by 8 pm Eastern Time

Forum Competition Rules:

1. Pictures are restricted to a maximum size of 640x480 pixels. Animated images are not allowed. Pictures must be of your own creation, please do not use copywritten images from the internet.
2. Only one entry per Forum account.
3. Your entry will be visible to the entire community.
4. Community voting will be by the number of "likes" please do not vote until October 29 to keep the contest fair. *ETA, this was way too hard for everyone. We will add a voting option later
5. All Forum rules regarding inappropriate material and language must be followed.
6. The Elvenar Team members (US) are not permitted to enter.
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