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Put trade negotiation is a seperate tab


Oh Wise One
I know we had this suggestion before, and it was accepted, but that was before easy neighbourly help so the same suggestion again with modern updated insights why it should be implemented as after several years this suggestion has not seen the day of light yet.

This idea is a part of the market imbalance suggestions

Why should it be implemented?
Players avoid putting goods on the market as this pushes they neighbourly help notifications down and as there is limited space for notifications so neighbours get lost, this requires the player to do a whole neighbourhood neighbourly help again to get there neighbours back on the notification menu. this prohibitive incentive creates a lack of passive trades on the market. This gap is then filled by a few people who fill the market with "bad trades" creating the illusion of an issue where they are the problem.
This creates a lot of negative influence in the community that should not exist.

  • removes the negative side effects of placing trades on the market creating a massive lack of active trades on the market.
  • Dev / UX desiger time.