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Help Putting your information in a Table on the forums


Well-Known Member
When making a post where you want a table, sometimes it's easier to work in bb code mode which you enter by clicking the pencil icon at the right end of the toolbar. That said, this post was done in normal edit mode quite handily, but if you copy it, the text at the end will be right aligned, and the RIGHT/RIGHT tags will not be visible, while they will appear if you go into bb code mode.

You might want to insert any images first, in normal mode, to avoid angst and destruction.

this part is a pictures, so you can see the code.

And what that Looks like: (if you quote the below, you can copy the code for your own post to put it elsewhere)

......Gate......Level 1......Level 2......Level 3
1st10 Secs9 hrs12 hrs
2nd3 hrs9 hrs12 hrs
3rd9 hrs9 hrs12 hrs
4th12 hrs24 hrsnever
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Yogi Dave

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Thank you. Many times I've been frustrated that what I've typed, even with previewing and adjusting, did not post as intended. It was reformatted destroying the columns of info in my post.