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Help Query re Spire points


Well-Known Member
Yes, I know there are several threads about spire points. Unfortunately, I didn't find the answer I'm seeking in them. I did find a forum black hole and a thread Xelenia closed out eons ago due to personal attacks, but my specific question, sadly, I did not find an answer for.

Scenario: after discussing with another member of my FS, we both decided that with half of the members being inactive and it being a new FS (not a good sign, really) that we needed to leave and find a new FS. We've both applied to a new FS and are waiting to hear back. (Yes, we both applied to the same one.)

I am waiting both on the upcoming event quest to gain 3 CCs and to hear back from the new FS before starting the Spire for this week.

My question: since I do not belong to an FS at this time, if I were to start the Spire and then an FS were to accept my application to join, would the FS I joined get any accumulated points? I don't want to cause problems on a misunderstanding of scores, so if it is possible, I would like an answer before I give in to the temptation to click on that first encounter.

I know that if I were in an FS, accumulated points, left that FS, joined another FS, and continued to accrue points that the points gained while in FS1 stay with FS1, and any points gained while in FS2 go to FS2. (here, from helya) Would my not being in an FS be treated as though the points had been accumulated while in FS1?

Obviously if the points would just be wasted and not go to any FS, I'd rather bide my time/use time instants to get my CCs from the MA if I reach the event quest before I hear back about my application.

Any definitive knowledge you may have on this subject would be appreciated.


Beloved Ex-Team Member
The Fellowship you join will only get the Spire points that you earn after you have joined. Any points received prior to leaving your old FS will stay with that FS. Your total personal Spire progress remains with you, but be sure that you complete at least 1 waypoint in the new FS to share their rewards.