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Quest not lining up with current chapter


I'm currently in chapter 4 (human town) and i just got a quests to have 5 Holy Codex Buildings. This is not a quest I can decline and since the Codex is from chapter 1, I have no desire to build these as they give very little culture per square compared to what I can build now. Is this a bug? Is there any way to get around this quest?


Well-Known Member
It is a bit odd for a storyline quest to pop up that is way off base. You have 3 options. 1) build the 5 codexes and destroy them when the quest is done. 2) ignore the storyline quests altogether. 3) put in a ticket and see if the help desk can help.


My guess would be that you didn't build the MA in chapter 1
So when you did finally built it you completed the mandatory quest to build MA
When that happens the following quests don't advance to your current age
You then have to build things and produce things from earlier chapters to advance the quests
Its not a bug if you want to continue the storyline quests you have to do what quest asks for or don't do the un-declinable quests its your choice
Submitting a support ticket wont help you


On the bright side, once you build them, should you choose to do so, you should have a stack of completed quests below them.