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Question on tournament battle damage calculation


Hi all,

I see some results in the tournament which I cannot explain with what I know of the Elvenar battle mechanics.

Scenario: A full enemy squad with 65 Archer II units attacks my squad with 17 Sorceress III units (full squad was 18 units). Result: The enemy hits me for 73 damage with -90% applied; no sorceress dies because they have 111 HP per unit, which is good :). Question: How is this 73 damage calculated? I cannot reach this value with the numbers I have.

A single Archer II unit hits for 7 damage +/- 20% (shown ingame as 6 - 8 damage, rounded to the nearest integer values). A squad of 65 Archer II units hits for 65 * 7 = 455 damage +/- 20% (shown ingame as 364 - 546 damage, rounded to the nearest integer values). My Sorceress III unit has a defense bonus of -90% vs Light Ranged, resulting in a damage range of 36 - 55 which is too low to reach 73.

The enemy Archer II unit has an attack bonus of +20% vs Light Ranged, if a Sorceress counts as a Light Ranged unit (actually she's a Mage) then this bonus would also apply. Multiplying the bonuses (+20% * -90%) would be -88%, resulting in a damage range of 44 - 66 damage, still too low to reach 73. Adding the bonuses (+20% + -90%) would be -70%, resulting in a damage range of 109 - 164 damage, which is too high to reach 73.

I hope there is someone here who can enlighten me :).
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I've posted my take on the combat mechanics over at https://us.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/battle-troop-training-costs.2435/#post-14670

Take a close look. Maybe it will help and/or maybe we can add the wrinkle that you've discovered. The key concept is that Attack is a RANGE of possible values, so there's a significant element of pure luck. Cannoneers, for example, are notoriously inaccurate.

Yes I saw your post. Read through all of it and all posts referred by it before I posted my original question above. Interesting read :).
I did look at RANGES of possible values, as you suggested. But I did not expect the shown damage to be outside any range I could think of.

A squad of 65 Archer II units has a damage range of 364-546 at 100% attack (no bonuses applied; this is what the game shows for a squad of 65 Archer II units when starting out)

[1] 36-55 at 10% attack (Sorceress III has -90% defense bonus vs Light Ranged units).
[2] 44-66 at 12% attack (Archer II has +20% attack bonus vs Light Ranged units, assuming this applies and bonuses are multiplied).
[3] 109-164 at 30% attack (as previous case, but now assuming bonuses are added up).

Case [2] looks most promising to me, I would expect bonuses to multiply. Can it be the case that damage carries over between attacks (suggesting that units CAN be injured) and is added up to the damage suffered in the current attack? If so, then the numbers might add up. I will experiment a bit to see if this theory can be confirmed.


Can it be the case that damage carries over between attacks
Not for the unweighted units, but most certainly for the weighted units.

A good analogy is climbing a flight of stairs. Do you count the steps?? or the landings?? The height of the building doesn't change, just the granularity of your data. Counting Weighted Units is the same as counting Stair Landings.

Weighting pretty much indicates HOW OFTEN the unit's attack power and health will change, rounded UP, so the net effect is that a squad with 3 + 1/6th units will have the same combat parameters as a squad with 4 units, but they'll die much faster when they're attacked because there are fewer subunits in one of the units, although to can't tell just by looking at the numbers. You sort of have to remember how many units a weighted squad lost during the previous round. Did you beat them by a LOT, or just barely??

This is important because it influences the Stats = 10% of a full squad + 90% of the remaining units. So a fresh squad has 100%, while squads with fewer that 10% effectives can sting MUCH harder that you might expect, and ONE remaining unweighted unit will hit just as hard as a half dozen remaining units, just not as many times.