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Quicker Expiration for 0 Star Trades


Well-Known Member
Unfortunately, the troll trades (I really like this term for the trades!) posted by @ed1960 are always on the trader in Khel; they're always the same few players and they've been doing this as long as I've been able to see sentients. IMO, they know exactly what they're doing. They used to only post the 'scarce' goods; I've noticed they now seem to post this way for all sentient goods. I'm guessing it's working for them.
That said, though they really irritated me for awhile, I've sorta adopted the attitude of @CrazyWizard
I go into trader, sort for the sentients I need asking for the goods I have to trade for them. If the troll trades are the only ones there, I post my own trades with a 10% discount. I've had to increase the footprint of sentient factories to do this, but it works for me since I move slowly through chapters anyway. My 10% off trades get taken pretty quickly, but many times it's by those same players who will then post more stupid troll trades with those goods, so I feel like I'm adding to the problem. Still, I'm not going to let that ruin my fun playing the game; I don't know of a solution that would fix it. They seem to be in-game really often and take favorable trades sometimes before I finish posting all of them, thus why I don't see the 24hrs as a fix. I'm willing to listen (read) to possible solutions, but until I see a viable one I take the attitude of: It is what it is...


Active Member
I agree. Offense is the best defense. I post my own trades - many times at a loss - so i'm not the one losing time in the trader. I lose but i win LOL

"Sometimes when you win, you actually lose, and sometimes when you lose, you actually win. And sometimes, when you win or lose, you actually tie"
- Gloria (Rosie Perez in White Men Can't Jump)