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R.U.S.T Fellowshop seeks players


New Member
Welcome to R.U.S.T. (Rowdy Union of Soiled Tinkers) Here you will find players seeking to participate in the solid foundation of community, cooperation, growth, and friendship. It takes teamwork to make a fellowship thrive, so if you're willing to put in some elbow grease, read on!


We are working towards becoming a 10 chest a week fellowship, but we need a couple more good players to get there.

You are welcome to apply if:
1. You are a daily active player over 40k.
2. You are willing to visit the whole fellowship 3+ days/week. 3. You are willing to participate fully in tournaments.
4. You are willing to be active with your fellowship on the trader.
5. You are willing to work on Ancient Wonders to help your city and your fellows' cities grow.
6. You are willing to only produce boosted goods and trade for non-boosted goods.
7. You are willing to treat your fellows with curtesy and respect, and to leave politics, religion, and other controversial topics at the loading screen to promote a drama free zone.

Send AveryGoodQueen a message if you are interested in joining us