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Racial Buildings Construction Time


Why does the Dwarven Portal take 16:47 hours to build while the Fairy Portal takes 11:15 hours when they're both 2x2? That's 5:32 hours longer. It takes even longer than the Orc Portal which takes only 16:00 hours for a 3x4 grid and even the Orc Rally Point which takes 12:03 hours for a 5x7 square. Also, I find the construction time to be quite long considering it's only a 2x2 square but I can accept that because maybe being a portal makes it harder to build compared to same size buildings. Regardless, why so long for the dwarven buildings? The mines and foundries also take longer compared to the day and night farms considering that they're much smaller. Please don't let the solution be to make constructing the fairy buildings longer. I'm not as long-lived as a dwarf.
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Bump. As I just hit the dwarf chapter and givin the building times, just relized how long I am going to live here, I agree that the first guest race...being dwarfs and notable builders should have the SHORTEST build times.

Forgive the pun, I couldn't help it.