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Ranking points from AW


Sorry, it's been a long time since I've upgraded an AW, so here's the question before I report this as a bug:

Usually ranking points are given upon starting an upgrade (of any regular building), which makes no sense, but w/e, let's roll with game mechanics. What's strange is that I didn't get any ranking points from starting an upgrade of Ancient Wonder... Is it different from any other upgrades, and I'll get these ranking points upon completion of an upgrade?


Active Member
not a bug at all, and points when you start upgrading do make sense.

You get 1 point for each culture or inhabitant used. As soon as you upgrade a building u loose the culture/inhabitants, so its normal you get the points as soon as it starts.

A wonder at the other hand does not use culture or inhabitants, so its normal they dont receive points at the start of upgrade. In fact you didnt get any points at all for them till not so long ago. They changed that by giving a certain ammount of points at a certain lvl. Currently that is 1 point for each kp it costs. that could change in the futute tho since its a choice they made to give 1 point / kp but the points are not directly linked to the kp per se.

So it makes sense you get points as soon as u use culture/inhabitant on an upgrade, and it makes sense you get points when the wonder finished upgrading.