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Rants Thread


So, I have spent a little bit of my downtime during production cues reading through the forums with special focus on the suggestions threads. Why? Because I like seeing peoples ideas and coming up with some that haven't been presented that could make the game more enjoyable. However, I have noticed that in almost every thread there seems to be a tirade of rants and complaints about not liking this or not liking that.

Since it is utterly impossible to silence these types of posts (free speech and all), I suggest putting a rant thread in place. This is a place where players could express their dislike for something the devs did or didn't do without cluttering up otherwise productive threads. It would also give the devs, mods, and whomever a place to go to see the feedback they are getting from their community without having to search threads.

I see it as a win-win. Those who are prone to complaining would have an outlet. Those who just want to play a game and have fun are free from the complaining. Every one gets something :D


Mathematician par Excellence
While there are certainly some not-so-helpful rants in threads, it is still a form of feedback, and the devs have said they want all feedback on a subject contained within that subjects thread.


Oh Wise One
Just to head off disappointment, asking people to put their negative experience is a specific place instead of where they are when they decide to write about it is unlikely to get the result you hope for. I think if you look closely you'll find most feedback is in the feedback forum, and most often in the specific thread where the community managers asked us to give feedback. Each Upgrade, and each event gets its own feedback thread, and that seems perfectly reasonable vs a single thread for everything.


Ok since this is the only place I can constructively rant, Here goes. I really hate the coin cities taking over my map. One day I have 0 and the next day either the whole map is taken up with coin cities, at a % or what I would gather if I opened an abandoned city and clicked the Main Hall. If we are going to have the whole map as coins at a % the price, I think it would be a more beneficial reward for polishing an abandoned city if we also got % of the tools and the coins we would get if we polished others city after they polished ours. That would make up for the loss we receive because you got rid of the lifeless cities around us.


Chef - loquacious one
What do you mean by rant! I never rant! Never! And telling ME that I have to go to some place that NOBODY will read to get it off MY chest -- a despicable idea if there were ever one! You should be ashamed! LOL (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)


PS AJ hopes people recognize parody when they see it, otherwise he's highly embarrassed. ;>)


:Yeah, I guess I see everyone's point here... But hey, it was worth suggesting even if it was just to irritate the people that will never be happy with anything that is done for any reason... You know, the ones that want everything to be super easy, and yield exceptional rewards so they can complete the entire game in 24 hour but then be upset because they don't have anything to do and now the game is boring :)


Rylan: I really appreciate where you're coming from... I love reading through suggestions too and don't find much value in many of the sour grapes posts.

PS. I like your Abraham Lincoln quote. Hilarious!


I was actually thinking of doing this type of thread last night so thank you Rylan Silverfox !
Ok, here is my rant...why is it so difficult to recruit people?!?!? Argh....And most of the few that do request to join do not read our overview so when I ask them to remove their non-boosted manufactories because we are a boosted only fellowship they don't know what a boosted manufactory is....: {
Ok, rant over. Thank you.