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Rapid Growth Team - Recruiting NEW


New Member
Want to grow quickly? Want to help your fellows? Want full access to trade goods? Want construction advice (ex. don't double roads)?
This may be the fellowship for you!

Do not take advantage of our fellows:
If you are expecting to regularly make less than 2 STAR trades, this may not be the fellowship for you. Gifts (3 star trades) are acceptable within the fellowship. If a player is seen consistently with only 1 star trades, or heard promoting 1 star trades as only fair, and nothing but 1 STAR trades will get you Kicked. A single 1 STAR in anticipation of asking a fellow for help is fine.

I will turn off direct joining when we have 5 of any good, and balance the goods to 8-9 of each. I will post the remaining desired combinations and quantity so we know what's needed to reach the balance.

If you have a more popular fellowship name, I may change to it. Leave a message in the fellowship chat So all members may give their input.

I'm looking for 1 advanced p;ayes to help newbies grow; I'm still in "The Arrival", but this my3rd attempt.
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