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Rebalance Wholesaler Similar to Rebalanced Trades


New Member
Inno recently rebalanced trades so that T1 to T2 to T3 is 1.5 and 2.5 times the lower tier. However, the wholesaler prices are still 4 times the cost of the lower tier. Does Inno plan to change these costs to match the new trader values?


Well-Known Member
I'm not convinced the cost should be reduced. If your boost is 400% or higher, it's still cheaper than manufacturing them yourself.


Well-Known Member
Yes, but not til after the current event ends.
Maybe you should clarify why.

In the future the wholesaler will give way more goods, but also will be way more expensive, with in the current event (and in the beta unlimited version) there is an assignment to buy x times at the wholesaler. you can imagine that a 12 times wholesaler buy at 10 times the current price will be a problem.

for that reason they delayed the wholesaler change to the point where the "fixed" the wholesaler quests in events.


Well-Known Member
But you can't buy your boosted goods from the wholesaler.
Even if there was, there would be no point buying your boosted goods with your boosted goods, so it shouldn't affect the trader prices.

The fact is, once you're in far enough to have a 400% boost, which isn't too hard, you can trade your boosted goods for your unboosted goods, cheaper than making them yourself.