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Rebuilding A Former Great Fellowship

I have been challenge to rebuild a once great fellowship!!! I open 3 space already with dead wood. I need players who are up for a challenge. Wanting to rebuild and bring energy, FUN :p, active playing.NO DRAMA ever!!! If you know me you know that I build GREAT,FUN, ACTIVE, friendly and helpful fellowships. Please come get on the ground floor of a future great place to play. We are now called Kingdom of Dragons. Or contact me
King of the World


Chef - loquacious Old Dog
We’re my 2 FUN, ACTIVE, friendly and helpful players

I came in, flashed my "Grammar Police" badge and am now writing you a grammar ticket. Sorry. I'm just an English Major brain-washed in my college years, I guess. Anyway, it's "Where are" not "We're" "We're" is a contraction of "We are," not of "Where are." Feel free to file a citizen complaint if you find this in error. They take them at the "English Majors of America" web site, but I warn you, they are long, wordy and full of jargon. All with not a single grammatical error, of course.