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Receiving No rewards for quest completions!

  • Thread starter DeletedUser1174
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hello i have over the past 4 days upgraded Multiple residences with the quest "complete 1x level 9 or more Residence Upgrade" reward 30,000 coins and 7,000 supplies and/or the quest "Complete 1x level 9 or more any building Upgrade" Reward 30,000 coins and 7,000 supplies.
if i'm playing the game in-game at the time the quests complete successfully or pay to finish the upgrade with diamonds it also works.
However if i'm asleep or away from the game then log in after the upgrades are completed then the Quest fails and i miss out on the rewards this has now happened to me over 8 times and is very dis-appointing game Glitch please give me the deserved and earnt rewards that this glitch has caused me to miss out on.
you will see that i am a more than devoted player and have spent plenty of time and money on my city i think that a small amount of reciprocation on your part is only fair
Mage Marc
Phoenix Power