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City Red flag for expired buildings


Well-Known Member
Reading the title I thought this might make it ugly for players who decide to keep expired buildings for decoration, but if it's only during move mode, that's perfect!
I recently found an ancient carting library that must have died years ago, so this would help :)

Yogi Dave

Well-Known Member
I love the idea. I keep 5-day building around after expiring to cash in when I need cash and coin, but sometimes they become hidden or I have active ones also, so I have to be careful. I will be able to be carefree again!
Yes, that sounds like a great idea in move mode.
Yes, I love this idea, and the specific mechanic of only being in move mode is perfect!
The problem with just move mode is I want to sell the buildings, not move them. Not that I'm suggesting it only show when in sell mode. I'd rather be able to see them all the time. I often have a replacement for the specific building in storage just waiting for the one placed to expire. A red flag or headstone pops up and I know it's time to replace. The little carting library is dead! Long live (for 100 days) the carting library!

Yogi Dave

Well-Known Member
A possible issue with that is if players want to keep dead buildings for decor (or culture) they become ugly
True, so true. I kept a few dead trading post for culture. They were just an ugly pile of who knows what. Dead bees?. A flag would have made them look better. But it would hurt ones kept for beauty. I go into move mode often enough that I notice a flag. (I do think a tombstone would be cool, but any marker works.)