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Red, Yellow, Green, Blue?


In the update 1.17 Elvenar wrote: We have given the Army Selection Screen a major overhaul: you are now able to see easily which unit is strong against which other units. Then in update 1.18 it tells us: We are adding even more UI improvements to the Army Selection screens. Hovering a unit now shows you which units it's good/neutral against, making it easier to choose the right unit to get the job done; and More tooltips have been improved to give you more information about the units' strengths.

I get all that, but what do the different colors mean on the "Choose Your Troops" page. I have seen red, yellow, green and blue. What do these colors mean to me as I select my troops for the battle?

Does anyone know the answer?


There is also purple. The colors correspond to the type of troops.
If you notice, each troop type is highlighted by its own unique color.

Blue = Light Melee
Green = Light Ranged
Purple = Mage
Red = Heavy Melee
Gold = Heavy Ranged

Once you get to know the colors it will make it easy to quickly see what types of troops your troops are best against in battle.


Also, once you choose to fight, if you take your arrow and hover over the blue "i", the enemy troops that is most effected by the troop that you are hovering over will light up accordingly.