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Relatively New Player Seeking FS


New Member
Hey there.

Just started this game a month ago and fell in love with it. So much that I ended up sticking around long enough to develop into a tier 3 province within a short time frame.

Despite the lone-wolf success, I am looking for an active FS, whether casual or semi-casual, so long as the members within said FS are newbie friendly. With that said, I am looking for an FS that is actively producing and trading Crystals, Silk, and Scrolls. In exchange, my province can guarantee a surplus of all three basic goods on a daily basis: Marble, Planks, and Steel, with each one being produced 1,000+ daily.

Let me know if you think I will be a good addition to the team. And if not, let me know if you would be interested in striking a trade deal with me without offering an invitation.


New Member

I represent the Landsraad, and I think you'd fit in well with our FS! We are fully active, have members of all city sizes, and we have a balanced trading economy of all tiers so that each player can concentrate on their boosted goods and trade for the other goods that they need. Several of us also have good neighbor networks set up to bring in goods from outside the FS.

I see also that you participate in the weekly tournament, which is great! We love tourney players. All we really ask of our members is to be active, participate in the tournaments the best that you can, and help each other out and grow together!

I've sent you a message in-game. Hope to hear from you soon!


New Member
I do participate in tournaments on a weekly basis... How did you know that? :oops:

Also, sounds like your FS is exactly what I am looking for. I am Steel boosted but I have been evening out my basic good productions due to the lone-wolf game play. But I figure I will gradually expand and focus on my blacksmiths more once I have more land available to me.

I'll see if I can apply to The Landsraad directly. And thank you for reaching out to me!


I tried searching for 'The Landsaard' via the in-game FS name search but nothing came up. Your FS might not be accepting applications so I might need a direct invite from you, Giovannaa.

Thank you in advance!


New Member
Nevermind! :)

I tried it again with just 'Landsaard' out of sheer persistence and stubbornness and I have found your FS. I just sent an application. Thanks again!


Active Member
I hope Landsaard works out for you, but just in case, we are looking for someone boosted in Steel so keep us in mind if you happen to have a need for another fellowship. :)