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Discussion Release notes 0.24


Dear Humans and Elves,

Please use this thread to share your thoughts on the changes that came with the update to version 0.24.
We are looking forward to your feedback!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team


Dear Elves and Humans,

Not sure if this was any issue before or after the newest release or not. I talked a few of my friends into trying the game. They started their games on the this server - same as me. They worked up the Trader building. Then they started looking for my posted trades. They could not see them. They each posted a trade and I could not see their trades either. All of us could see some trades but the list of trades were different for each of us.
I have been a very active player for a few weeks now. I always wonder how the trading house could have so few activity trades. With over 30,000 players - even if only 1% were activity that is 300 players. I only see the same small handful of people on the trading broad. Maybe 20 to 25 different names and half of those are in my fellowship.

As for the other items - I still get ghosted armies during fights - seem about the same amount. The FLASH crashes seem to still be about the same. So I have not seen any improvements in general game play. Did have a huge problem with only being able to use one builder at a time for a week or some. But that issue looks to be resolved. I was waiting until the problem was fixed before I purchased my first set of Diamonds - but after the fix the first time buyer bonus is gone. That makes me sad - along with not wanting to purchase any diamonds.

Those are my thoughts.


You can only see trades that are posted by your 200 nearest neighbors, and even then you'll have to pay a 50% tariff if you have not yet discovered them.

You and your friends all need to join the same one of the several existing Fellowships, which will provide you with 20+ reliable Traders and other social benefits.

The developers are still struggling with the combat displays. At the moment the shadows are turned off, which supposedly helps with the lag, but every once in a while all we see is a number where there should be an animated squad. Changing the combat display resolution to low or medium, under the gear icon, seems to improve things a bit, but the heebeejeebees are still eating our squads once in a while.