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Discussion Release Notes version 0.16


Dear Humans and Elves,

Please feel free to discuss the latest changes.

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team


archers adapted a weird strategy
they poke down the highest hp troop and they dont care about threats near them
which is logic but 1 treant standing near them and blocks the way, if i move back then i lose a turn, i moved the target just in hope of he moves away, no, he stands and blocks the road, then they killed the highest hp units and easy win for them, damaged troops deal lot less dmg in return

so ranged units became more overpowered and meelee became more useless which opened up balance problems, as i seen maps and troops are pretty much predefined
so far the action points were more important, as more troops did more damage, now its not the case, if somebody can stay away from hits, its much more powerful so more troops for ai deal more damage or more units in a pack do more damage , i guess its even worse for humans

dont tried the golems yet, they are also big and small in number but treants are bad this way, till i reach the archers, they got peeled down, and cant do damage, all units should do more damage vs archers when close to them

its aoe damage now, its all about numbers, it doesnt help the strategy at all


This way of dealing with inactives will not change a thing for the original players in terms of trades. At a MINIMUM, the new players that are introduced will be a month behind the original players. This makes it highly unlikely that they will ever be able to trade with originals on a meaningful level (i.e., in bulk).

On the positive side, getting seeded into an area with well-established players will probably help in player retention. Then maybe I can get a couple of my cultural buildings perma-buffed ... well, I can dream, can't I? :rolleyes:


If I were an established player with newb neighbors, I would probably try very hard to encourage them. Maybe by posting some trades on the market that are favorable (for the marble, steel or planks they will need), letting them know that I am available to give advice if needed and for sure by helping out with coins or other neighborly help. That way hopefully some of those neighbors would stay around and grow fast, rather than going inactive and being replaced by even newbier neighbors.

I'm not in a position to implement this strategy quite yet because the inactives in my area haven't been deleted yet, but this is what I intend to do when I get there.