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Game Update Release Notes version 0.18


Release Notes.png

Dear Humans and Elves,

We have been working on further improving the game's performance and we have done more preparation work for big new features to come. We have also fixed a lot of bugs, to make your gaming experience in Elvenar even smoother. Are you curious about what changed? Then read on, because below you will find the full release notes for this update.

New Features.png

  • Quest tool-tips now update in real-time, even when selected
  • We will now use a secure connection to load and play Elvenar (HTTPS rather than HTTP)
  • We have worked on improving performance some more since our last update:
    • Collecting finished productions now works faster
    • The World Map now loads faster
Bug Fixes.png

  • A lot of text-related errors have been fixed and/or made more clear in various quests and other texts
  • Collecting coins and supplies using click-and-drag should now never skip a building anymore
  • The notifications tooltip should now always load
  • The Treant's and Sorceress's bonuses are now applied to the enemy, and no longer to themselves
  • Rounding numbers for the amount of supplies that are produced now displays correctly
  • Long names of technologies now no longer exceed the text field
  • Long player names no longer cause the "Log out" button on the homepage to show in the wrong place
  • Blue exclamation marks no longer show after a game reload when there is no new progress
  • Fixed an issue where the player ranking didn't always update
  • The amount of goods you have now updates after placing trades without closing the Trader too
  • Fixed a minor display issue of the website in Internet Explorer
  • Mouse graphics and highlights in battles now always show correctly without having to move the mouse first
  • Tooltips in the Builders' Hut now always show the correct information
  • Sending two messages in a row to the same player no longer causes an error to occur
  • Reloading the game during one of the first steps of the tutorial no longer gets you stuck
As always, we're looking forward to hearing your feedback! Please feel free to share your thoughts in the discussion thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team