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Game Update Release notes version 0.20

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Dear Elves and Humans,

On Tuesday July 14th, in the time frame between around 10:30 CET and 12:00 CET (noon), there will be a period of downtime in order to rollout version 0.20 to our servers. The downtime will last several minutes at most.
During the expected downtime, you will not be able to access the game. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.


With update 0.20, we have given you some convenient short keys to use and a few more quality of life updates. We have also fixed a large number of bugs again as well! Important Note - We understand that Fellowships were released with this update on the Beta server and they are currently still being tested there, while at the same time we are finalizing localization (translations) of this new feature. They will arrive here as soon as they are ready, so please be a bit more patient. We are sure they will be worth the wait!!

You can find the full list of changes below.

  • Due to community feedback, we have added hotkeys to make navigating through the game more convenient. The combinations you can use are:
    • Escape: Close window, and disable moving and selling modes
    • Ctrl + C: Return to City
    • Ctrl + W: Go to the World Map
    • Ctrl + B: Open the Build Menu
    • Ctrl + R: Open the Research Tree
    • Ctrl + T: Open the Trader
  • Pagination is now remembered as long as the menu window is open: switching between tabs in a menu window (e.g. in the Trader) will no longer reset the page to 1 when you return to the tab you were in
  • The Battle screen now resizes with your game window
  • The 'Go back to World Map' button now focuses the World Map on the player you just visited at all times, even when the other player was visited via the rankings

  • From now on, you can only have 60 trade offers in the Trader at any given time. We have set this limit to prevent excessive amounts of offers, which caused the Trader to be very slow. Most players won't be affected by this change, as only few players ever have had more than 60 trades on offer at once.


  • When collecting donations to your Main Hall, you will no longer receive an incorrect notification
  • Units are now always visible in battles
  • The Notifications tool-tip would not always load correctly, but now does
  • Sometimes, moving the Main Hall was impossible - it can now be moved again
  • Tool-tips were hiding behind the Options bar, they have been placed on top again
  • Icons hovering above production buildings are now always aligned correctly
  • Citizens should no longer disappear suddenly when walking through your city: they now walk to the end of a street and disappear there
  • Wrong display of production values in Residences has been corrected
  • In the Builders' Hut, the padlock on locked Builders no longer displays over the text
  • Culture was not always subtracted correctly without a reload of the game - this has been fixed now
  • A display issue with the red squares that show when moving a building has been fixed
  • It is no longer possible to scout a province when a province screen is open
  • An issue with placing a Workshop in the tutorial has been fixed
  • Quests 'Hope' (Humans) and 'The Search for Wisdom' (Elves) no longer get players who completed all researches stuck
  • Hits from the Treant II in battle are now retaliated correctly again by light melee units
  • Quests that require a boosted goods manufactory to be built or upgraded completed too soon, but now work correctly again
  • A problem with moving the Glorious Statue in the tutorial has been fixed
  • In some cases after a battle, the game would freeze when the 'Back to Province' button was clicked
  • The info icon in the rankings has been recolored for consistency reasons

As always, we are looking forward to hearing from you. Please share your thoughts in the discussion thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team
Not open for further replies.