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Game Update Release notes version 0.24

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Dear Humans and Elves,

On Tuesday, September 8, between 10:00am and 12:00 (noon) CET, there will be a period of downtime in order to roll out version 0.24 to our servers. The downtime will last several minutes at most.

During the expected downtime, you will not be able to access the game. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.


With this update, we bring you a couple of improvements for the game, and a whole list of fixed bugs for you. For more information, check out the full release notes below!


  • Players who log in with Facebook or Google+ and play on multiple worlds will now be able to select the world they want to play on upon their first login
  • All reward windows have received an update for better performance
  • From now on, you only have to complete the tutorial once. New accounts will get the tutorial on the first world they play in. You cannot enter a new world before finishing the tutorial on this first world. On every other world, you will find your city in the state it would be in after the tutorial (including resources and the Builders' Hut upgrade). This will prevent you from having to go through the tutorial multiple times if you wish to play on multiple worlds.

  • Multiple problems within the tutorial have been fixed
  • After moving a workshop, the building no longer shows animations as if it's working on a production when idle
  • When you write a message in chat yourself, you don't get a notification about it anymore
  • All times in-game are now from the same time zone
  • A minor graphical issue with Neighborly Help icons has been fixed
  • In some cases, effects in battle were not displayed correctly, which has now been fixed
  • While moving a building, the grid would not always be in the same place as the building, which is no longer the case now
  • Sometimes the size of the footprint of a building when moving was not the same as the building itself, this has now been corrected
  • Some issues with graphics when moving streets have been fixed
  • When an Elf founds a Fellowship, they will now see an Elven portrait instead of a Human one
  • After visiting multiple neighbors, buildings' graphics should no longer disappear in cities
  • An issue where you couldn't give Neighborly Help has been fixed
  • Quest 'Superior Magic Abilities' (Elves) now shows up for Elves with a Gems boost
  • When one resource cap is reached, it no longer blocks the other resources from being collected
  • When hovering buildings in other players' cities building names no longer have the first few letters blocked by the cursor
  • Moving a building with a production ready for collection no longer causes the icon to disappear
  • When you don't have enough resources to start production in a Manufactory, the 'Produce' button will be grey and un-clickable again
  • The progress bar of quest 'Our Taxes' works once again
  • A problem with visiting other players while still in moving or selling mode has been fixed
Balancing Changes.png

We have rebalanced a number of units, and we would like to give you the exact information on these changes here:
  • Axe barbarian II: The attack bonus has been changed from Heavy Melee +40% (old) to Light Melee +20% (new)
  • Crossbowman II: The attack bonus has been changed from Light Melee +20% (old) to Heavy Melee +20% (new)
  • Paladin II: The attack bonus has been changed from Light Melee +90% (old) to Light Melee +80% (new)
  • Treants II: The defense bonus has been changed from Light Melee -90% (old) to Light Melee -80% (new)

As usual, we are looking forward to hearing your feedback. For general feedback about the update, please use the discussion thread of this announcement.
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