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Game Update Release notes version 0.26

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On Tuesday, October 6, there will be a period of downtime in order to roll out version 0.26 to our servers. The downtime will last several minutes at most.

During the expected downtime, you will not be able to access the game. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.


Dear Humans and Elves,

In this update, we will advancing Elvenar to version 0.26. This update is quite large and brings a lot of changes to the game. We want to wish you a great time playing through the biggest content addition so far!


  • With this update we present to you our first new guests: the Dwarves. You can read more about these new inhabitants of your city in this announcement!
  • Knowledge Points gained from Encounters are no longer lost if you already have 10 Knowledge Points saved up. Note: you will not receive more hourly Knowledge Points if you already have 10 or more.


  • We have made enormous changes to the quests system: a lot of the repeatable quests have been rebalanced as a result of your feedback that we received a few weeks ago. This is a first step to improve the quests system. We are still looking for more feedback, especially on these new changes, so be sure to leave your feedback in the discussion thread (the link can be found at the bottom of the post). We cannot list every change individually, but we have made the changes with the following in mind:
    • Quests have been defined and rearranged to be better suited for your current progress;
    • We have rebalanced the rewards of individual quests;
    • Quests that would block your progress have been changed. For example: quests that demanded three 24-hour productions have been changed to require just one, and at the same time the reward has been rebalanced so that these quests will be more rewarding;
    • Quests that required building upgrades have been rebalanced to be at a more comfortable level, and the quantity of upgrades was decreased; in some cases the upgrade levels were decreased as well;
    • Quests that could be repeated over and over again for easy rewards have been rebalanced to make questing less "grinding" - they now have higher requirements and lower rewards, but they should still be lucrative as a whole;
    • As the Trader is used less than expected by some, we are now able to use quests as a source of non-boosted goods. These will mostly come from the 24-hour production quests, to prevent possible exploits;
    • Many quests have been rebalanced so that they can be solved more quickly, providing more variety and challenge in the game - the rewards have been adjusted accordingly.

  • Due to your feedback, we have altered the times after which you can collect Coin productions. Production per hour remains unchanged. The new times are as follows:
    • Basic Residences: after 3 minutes (Humans: level 1-4; Elves: level 1-3)
    • Advanced Residences: after 10 minutes (Humans: level 5-8; Elves: level 4-7)
    • Superior Residences: after 20 minutes (Humans: level 9-15; Elves: level 8-15)
  • The research tree has undergone a graphical transformation. It will now consist of clear Chapters that each have a name.
  • In the Build menu, a couple of items have been rearranged with an eye on features to come. The biggest change is that Streets no longer have a separate tab, but are now shown in the 'Basics' tab.
  • We have improved the game's performance on slower machines.
  • The Human Marble Manufactory and the Holy Codex have had their graphics updated to include a floor, so they are no longer built on grass. You can find the images below:

  • We have made improvements to the game's overall performance.
  • In the Barracks, "decrease training time" has been renamed to "increase training speed" and the values have been adjusted because of the change. Note: this is a visual change and has no impact on the functionality, the training times are still the same as before.

  • Tooltips now always give correct information again
  • Scrolling in the research tree on a Mac is no longer jumpy
  • The Chat screen has been resized in order to prevent buttons overlapping on smaller screens
  • Click-and-drag to collect production now works all the time, and no longer moves your city instead
  • When moving buildings on top of each other with hardware acceleration enabled, the graphics are now correct
  • The city map no longer displays blue shapes while moving buildings
  • Some buildings had wrong graphics while in construction mode, the old scaffolds are now back in place
  • Upgrading buildings or placing streets which cost goods now also shows the subtracted goods in the blimps over the building
  • When cancelling an upgrade, the blimp that shows your Worker being available again is now correct
  • When the chat is open, no "new message" indicator shows anymore
  • Trying to visit someone from your chat while having the research tree opened now works as it should
  • Streets can no longer become invisible
  • A small graphical glitch on the profile picture has been fixed
  • Cancelling an upgrade that required more space for a building no longer results in broken graphics
  • Texts in tooltips and other places no longer go outside the dedicated frame
  • Texts are no longer cut off in places where there is enough space to show the full text
  • A rare situation where a Fellowship can be without an Archmage has been fixed and will be prevented in the future
  • The chat history should now load correctly upon joining a new Fellowship
  • It is no longer possible to keep chatting in a Fellowship chat when you were expelled from the Fellowship
  • An error that occurred when going back to your city after visiting another has been prevented from happening again
  • Deleting all private messages from a page now also updates the page number correctly
  • When receiving goods after a trade, you no longer have to refresh the page in order to be able to see them
  • Fixed a rounding issue when healing units
  • Visiting a player's city when still having the research tree open resulted in an error message, which now has been fixed
  • Long city names don't overflow the text field anymore
  • Cancelling a trade from the second page no longer resets the page to the first
  • When cancelling a trade, you now correctly see which goods you are getting back
  • It is no longer possible to open the options menu multiple times
  • We have fixed a couple of bugs related to quests
As always, we're looking forward to hearing your feedback. Share your feedback with us and let us know what you think by posting in the discussion thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team
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