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Game Update Release Notes version 1.78


Ex-Team Member

Release Notes

Dear Humans and Elves,

We will have a temporary downtime on Thursday, May 2 in order to roll out version 1.78 on to our server. Please check back for any further updates regarding this release.

During the expected downtime, you will not be able to access the game. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Balancing Changes

  • We made some changes to the output of Orcs for level 32 and 33 Armories and for the provided population of level 20 Residences, because we found they were out of line with what other levels of the building provide, compared by building size. These changes mean that you will be able to produce Orcs quicker, and your level 20 Residences will provide more population. Other levels remain unaffected by these changes.
    • Armory level 32 (Elves & Humans)
      • Bunch of Orcs (option 1): 810 orcs → 1100 orcs (cost: 26000 supplies → 35000 supplies)
      • Orc Clan (option 2): 1180 orcs → 1600 orcs (cost: 38000 supplies → 51000 supplies)
      • Orc Horde (option 3): 1730 orcs → 2350 orcs (cost: 55000 supplies → 75000 supplies)
      • Army of Orcs (option 4): 2500 orcs → 3400 orcs (cost: 80000 supplies → 110000 supplies)
    • Armory level 33 (Elves & Humans)
      • Bunch of Orcs (option 1): 870 orcs → 1200 orcs (cost: 28000 supplies → 38500 supplies)
      • Orc Clan (option 2): 1280 orcs → 1750 orcs (cost: 41000 supplies → 56000 supplies)
      • Orc Horde (option 3): 1870 orcs → 2600 orcs (cost: 60000 supplies → 83000 supplies)
      • Army of Orcs (option 4): 2700 orcs → 3700 orcs (cost: 87000 supplies → 120000 supplies)
    • Residence level 20 (Elves & Humans)
      • Provided population 750 → 850

Bug Fixes

As with every update, we've resolved a number of bugs, among which:

  • Buildings - It's now possible to use a newly crafted Royal Restoration Spell to upgrade a building without first opening the Inventory or reloading the game.
  • City - Resolved an error where Move & Upgrading the Training Grounds could cause the city background to disappear and turn blue instead.
  • Pets - Changed the size of the building graphic on the "Sell Building" screen to make it fit.
  • Pets - It is no longer required to either load the inventory or reload the game in order to use a recently obtained Phoenix Artifact to evolve your Phoenixes.
  • Constructs - Productions in D000-b "Core" now properly show their boosted values, even for any secondary items in the queue.


Note: the app version of the update is released separately from the browser version.

  • We continued with our ongoing efforts to improve the user interface with a series of small adjustments in several areas. Some of these features will only become available to a small percentage of players at first, while we thoroughly test their technical performance.
  • Buildings - Improved the visibility and readability for production of Instants, to make it easier to see what exact Instant is produced in a building, and how long the production takes.
  • Pets - Your Phoenixes will now keep moving after you evolved them to the next stage, rather than sometimes being frozen in time in space after realizing that they were evolved.
  • Crafting - The counter for Vision Vapor did not update properly after crafting a recipe. It will now always stay up-to-date and show your current progress towards the next Mystical Object
We would love to hear your feedback in our discussion thread!

Kind Regards,
Your Elvenar Team